All of the projects on my computer and what they are for! (no editing)

These are all of the projects on my computer as of right now! It has everything from Dollo to magnets, to implants, it has just about everything I've worked on as weekend projects for like the last year. I hope you find it interesting and if you want any more information about the different projects in here let me know :) feel free to steal any of the ideas or files, as long as you give attribution. Go make a company out of one of them or something I don't care!

Rounded corners in openScad

Someone on one of my youtube videos asked me "how to make rounded corners in openScad" and I thought my reply was helpful, so here it is!

If you want to make a square with rounded corners you'd have to make your own round_corner function. like this
module round_square(x,y,z,r){ hull(){ translate([r/2,r/2,0]) cylinder(h=z,d=r); translate([-(r/2)+x,r/2,0]) cylinder(h=z,d=r); translate([(r/2),-(r/2)+y,0]) cylinder(h=z,d=r); translate([(r/2)+x,(r/2)+y,0]) cylinder(h=z,d=r); } } round_square(20,20,20,5); If you wanted to make it in all of the directions for a cube you would do it like this module round_cube(x,y,z,r){ hull(){ translate([r/2,r/2,r/2]) sphere(d=r); translate([-(r/2)+x,r/2,r/2]) sphere(d=r); translate([(r/2),-(r/2)+y,r/2]) sphere(d=r); translate([(r/2)+(r/2)+y,r/2]) sphere(d=r); translate([r/2,r/2,-(r/2)+z]) sphere(d=r); translate([(r/2)+x,r/2,(r/2)+z]) sphere(d=r); translate([(r/2),(r/2)+y,(r/2)+z]) sphere(d=r); translate([(r/2)+x…

learning about electronics

I have been working on a new implant device for a friend of mine (actually a friend not my self in the typical joke sense). This implant is meant to make sex better, I know "how could sex be better" right? Well, the device is bluetooth and connects to a phone, and has two vibration motors in it, this makes it so that one of the people, has control over the device during sex. So it't not a always on, or pattern kind of a thin, its a actively controlled thing.

So for this project I used an adafruit feather bluetooth board, and those boards are awesome by the way. I did come up with some issues to start with. The battery was dying within about 2 hours, and that SUCKS! Because that was weather it was doing anything or not, so it for sure needed to be worked out, if you charged it while you slept it would be dead before you had sex with anyone, so thats pointless. My way around this is I am going to charge the device (will only work while turned on so I am going to put a magn…

New biohacking site

This is a think that I have been into for a while now, biohacking (the way I use the term) refers to the grinding community, as in you put things in your body to make you better. The community is very small and kind of struggles to have a lot of people active at once. The current system is something like this.

You go onto, its a cool looking site, but it really sucks a lot when on mobile in particular. When you are on there and see something cool, its normally from one of the 2 main sites for buying biohacking things, or they are awesome and do a lot of good work. So you will see something they have done, they will post a link and you will leave the site and end up on their own site where they sell things, thats fine for the most part. But we get into a bit of an issue when less serious people get into it and end up posting something with "PM me and we will exchange paypal info". Now that works, but its not that awesome…

Web Scraping

INTRO So I work at basically a marketing company with a front of being a news company. For work lately I have been making a few web scrapers. These scrapers go onto our competitions sites looks at all of the users and copies their contact info. We then use those as leeds and sell our services to them at a lower price than the other guys. Now I do not feel good about this, for the fact that its all online marketing and I don't like online marketers, I also don't like to take things from other people. So I am in kind of a weird place with it. In the end of the day I get payed for it, so I do my job.
THE PROCESS So I have some code that I put up on github that uses curl to go and do all of this stuff. What you do is go onto a site and look at all of the elements on the page, and come up with what info you want to copy, take that info and populate the file that I have made and your done. Just use PHP on your terminal and run that shit! Here is a video

The end So now you can go an…

transdermal power lines

I just had an idea about my bluetooth audio implant. What if I wanted 2 of them to hear positional audio (mainly for VR was my initial idea). and then had the realization that this would suck for sleeping. because I would need to charge 2 things and have 2 charger. I also don't want huge batteries in my head because of the bulk. But what if I took the power lines from other implants and wired them into a single battery in my chest. This battery could be much larger, as it wont look so crazy being a bulk right over the side of my chest. This makes it so I can use only one charger and have my body be more of a power grid system, with a single point of making power that branches out into modular nodes.

This would help with a lot of things, if I ever wanted to replace the battery with something better I would only have to change one battery, not multiple. Plus I would be taking away a lot of bulk from all of my implants, meaning my audio implants would only need to be 2mm thick becaus…

M51 magnet implant

Video WARNING: this video is very graphic, has some blood, and magnets going in and out of the skin. Prep For the prep on this magnet I used my normal FDA-2T coating on the magnet. This is a N52 5mm by 1mm magnet that I got online, this is nickel coated, but this helped in this case because the magnet could go threw a nickel test and the clear coating could let us see the real results under the coating its self.

For the finger we washed up and I had him put on medical gloves (I use actual surgeon gloves so they are really clean and ready for this kind of a process) I then used a 3rd glove and put off the wrist part to use as a clean rubber band for cutting the flow of blood to his finger. Then I had him hold his finger in VERY cold (below 0C) Isopropyl alcohol for about a minute. This numbed him up pretty good. Action I used a larger blade than my normal #15 one, I used a #10 blade on this one because its the same width as the magnet. This was a pain because fingers are not very big,…