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 Starting a new 3D printer design. The reprap at one point wanted to have the most printed parts and least about of hardware in a printer. But i feel as if they have lost this idea. The new repraps are made out of like 20% and 80% screws, bolts, and rods. So what my friend Logan Farr and i have done is started to think of ideas on how to make our own fully printed 3D printer. Here are some of the ideas we have had!

1. using the 3mm filament for belts (not printed but still your own plastic)

2. we have been looking into some different joints to make it so the printer in cut into 8 main pieces and connects in the middle of the pillars.

3. we have been thinking of way to print our own rods and bolts for our Z mount

4. It's a cute because the idea of printing extension pieces to make its self bigger is in mind for sure.

5. It's going to have bottom mounted Z motor mounts. Because on the prusa mendel the motors bind up some times

 The only thing that you will have to buy is the hot end and the motors. THAT'S IT! 

 If you have any more ideas to add please tell me! I'm going to be finishing up the design and modeling in about a week i think and then its all going on the thingiverse


  1. About more replicable printers, have you seen the Tantillus ? :)

  2. yes I have seen it. but look how small it is! i want some thing that could really print its self and other large things. The main thing is making this thing easy to scale up as big as you would like


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