HDPE recycling

       This is my attempt at finding a way to recycle my old reprap bad prints and my old HDPE milk jugs. Pretty much what i have is a huge brass hot end. I thought if it works on small scale why shouldn't it work a lot bigger? so what i have is a pipe with a cap on it and a 3mm hole dripped in it. then wrapped some kapton around the end of it and have nichrome wire around that. then i stripped some cable and put a thermistor on it and plugged this thing in as a new hot end onto my reprap gen6 board. You can see by the picture on the left that it was getting warm. but shortly after this picture was taken it started to go back down for some un-known reason. This is still a huge work in progress, i haven't figured out how to push the plastic down yet or how im going to get that plastic into small enough pieces to really put in this thing. Comment if you have any ideas!


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