New J-head tip

   So when my last hot end melted down it was because it was clogged and i didnt know this so i heated it up more to try and get the plastic to flow again. little did i know that PEEK (the body of the hot end) melts at 245 C so when i tried to extrude at that temp it pushed on the newly soft melting plastic and caused it to fall out.

   Happy to say i got a new tip from the all new and shinny Mk V-B .5mm this time around, and it works great! i have not had any things go wrong with it thus far. I have printed out a few small things because I've been having some problems with my ABS sticking to my cold bed (I'll post about that at a different time)

  So now I'm extruding ABS with no problems at 220 C  (I printed that raspberry pi case on the left with it)

link on the reprap forums to my problem 


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