RepRap J-Head melting

    My RepRap J-Head Mk-IV-B has melted for the second time now. Both times i have been trying to print with black ABS plastic, I only ever get about one good print before some thing happens with this thing. It keeps getting all jammed. The hobbed bolt in my Wades extruder keeps ripping divots into my plastic because my tip has to much pressure built up in it (if i pull the plastic when extruding with out the hot end on it lifts up the reprap just fine so its not a bad idler pressure). I've tried printing at a few different temperatures i had it at 240c before, then i moved it up to 250c so that i could at least get a little bit of plastic to come out. But once i got it up to 250c it melted its self. Now i have to order my self a 3rd shaft and PTFE so that i can try again.

link to it on the reprap forum


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