Almost done

 I'm super stoked on how far i have gotten with this printer in the last few days. I feel as if not to many people understood how i was planning on the x and y to work so now i have pictures to show. The x ends are my modification thinned out ends to make you able to print more size. and the smooth rods have a little bit extra on the ends so that you can put a gear on the 4 ends so that when the motor moves the one rod it all moves smoothly back and forth.
 This is a grate idea i think. with just one exception... the belt that you need to drive the x has to be tight and would mess up how my y works with it all. it would make it so that i need those thicker x ends and tight rods. But as i didn't want either of those, this idea is now going to change around a little bit.
Because every thing else on this printer is gears why not just make them all gears. so I'm thinking about taking two gear rails and making them replace the smooth rods. then have a smooth strip on top of the gear so that it doesn't pop up and out when going fast. I'm saying to gear rails so that the hot-end can go between. This idea will also take away more of the x ends seeing as they don't need to have belts any more.

Most of this printer is printable. about the 90% i was going for. With the exception of bearings, you will need possibly 15 max 7 min, Because the extruder has 3 and the z needs 4, the other ends might need 4 each as well. but those i think would do file with printer circles.

1. I have all the corners and clips done grate. but i still need to put a clip on my z top and bottom pieces

2. I still have to get my z motor mount figured out

3. Having multiple ears so that my motors have to be a little bit less would be awesome (I don't know how to do it so if any one wants to help me i would be forever grateful )

4. but it all into beds that can be printer out. unless you have a big bed you wont be able to fit all of this at once.


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