BenBot rethought out

The picture on the left shows what im planning on for my z bed movement. its going to have the z motor mounted to the bottom side of the bed but with a way of gearing every thing like a geared extruder would. It's all going to be done with one motor and gears, not 2 motors and rods like the prusa mendel is. Doing things this way makes it so that i can print all the parts for it and have a very large z height .

Now this picture (on the right) is the bottom of printer so far. It just has the corers put togethor and all the working clips. im going to be putting in the z shaft latter today. i have to thing if i want it to be printed into one of the corner pieces or if i want it to be able to snap in and out easily. The idea of putting it on clips would make it a bit more easy to scale it all up. but i dont see why its not possible the other way as well.

This is the clip that will be holding every thing together, it fits inside of its self so the model can be cut up and put into a ton of different applications. I'm going to be putting it up on thingiverse latter today and will come back to this post and put the link. So that any one can use a handy dandy little clip for what ever they wish. I don't do these things to get money, that's just wrong. knowledge should be always be given away and shared. I'm giving back to the community that has helped me out.


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