re-thinking benbot

       So i have been looking and re-thinking all of the very small things that are wrong with my benbot. I was looking at it and thought to my self that the extruder will limit my print area, and no one wants that! Then I thought of the Ulitimaker. It uses a tube that the filament goes through, and the gear extruder is acutely held off to the side of the printer. So that the hot end can get a max size for the printer.

      I decided that i need that on my printer! So in hope of not having the re-invent the extruder, I hopped on Thingiverse and found my self a duel extruder that works the same way as the ultimaker so this link here will be used in my printer. I guess i will use duel extrusion because with all of the stuff out for it now its like why not! so im working on a way to take that model and make it work on gears. These gears to be exact, because I have no idea how to use opencad and again, I don't want to re-make things that are already out in the world.

     Another thing i have changed is, I took out the smooth rods and the x ends. so that i can have more printed parts, and so that the belt doesn't mess things up. It's all gears and snaps now!


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