BenBot and rapman

            Ben Bot is an idea I've had for a long time now. But have had very little time to do because of high school. The basic idea is a fully printer printer. I've made up most of the 3D models in blender but I have never tried to put it into more simple terms that people understand, so here is my attempt at doing so.

             I have in the last few days gotten a note 2 and it had this awesome thing that corrects your drawing so that they have perfect lines. All of the red lines are axis rails with teeth on them that the motors will move on, and all the black lines are for structure of the machine so that does not move. With the picture of the box in its own square I was just messing with my new phone and well all sorts of crazy and put all of the information in one picture with a key (the key is for that one picture only). I then got into my artsy side and drew up a Ben Bot logo that I think I'll keep around and actually use as the official logo of this thing.

             Some changes to Ben Bot are printing in the extruder blocks right into the back of the printer so that you don't need more needless prints and more screws. I was scared that my clip idea (as good as it is) wasn't going to cut it. After doing some stuff with a sliding dovetail table that I'm doing in shop class I've found that tight fitting things are better I think especially for printers, test clips I've printer do have a little bit of moving. So I'm going to make it into a key a hole with a printed key going in the other side locking it all together its going to be a bit of a puzzle to put together but any one who it making one of these is not afraid of a puzzle I'm sure. 

            I'm also thinking that at some point I was to make a one print printer modeling the benbot but all in more massive print and all assembled gears in place and all I mean why not right? Using frosting as a vital second extruder for support. But this is very much just an idea and not at all in the need future unless any one wants to help me with it.

          My shop teacher a few weeks ago got him self a FREE rapman, and my first thoughts are why did they just rip off the Darwin? My second thought was "Holly shit this 3d printer sucks" so my teacher knowing that I have made a few printers in my time told me he would pay me to fix his printer for him. 

          I actually met the kid who first put this thing together after he claimed to have his own 3D printer. After talking to him for about five minutes I finally figured out that I for the last week had been fixing this kids printer. 

          It needed so much work on it. almost nothing at all worked. So here is a list of problums with this machine and how I fixed them.
  1. the extruder just would not feed plastic at all! But it had an awesome tip that mounted to the x. So I wanted to keep that mount. What i did was print out a wades hinged from my printer at home and mounted it (it had to be mounted at an angle) to what he already had. So that huge thing on top in this picture is not down to about two inches tall.
  2. The z axis on this thing was really in some bad shape. I had to tighten down every screw on the machine and take off the z belt and by hand level the bed and put it all back together. The main thing was making sure that the bearings are inside the round holes that they have cut out and make sure they stay there by using two buts and locking the rod in place. Same thing with locking bolts goes for the gear and belt on all four corners. You need to tighten the hell out of those plastic gears to make sure all of the rods move at the same speed and same time.
  3. When we got the electronics for this this it had a little screen with a ripped ribbon cable, we could really only see the out side edges of what was on the screen. I went online and ordered two sets of ramps 1.4 and ten motor controllers from lulzbot so that I had enough electronics to fix my teachers printer and so that I have some for when I get my BenBot printed. I got ten so that I can do dual tips on both printers. I asked to lulz bot people if they have and they sent me some links of them doing it here and here2. Ben Bot will be set up for a stock dual extrusion set up.
        I think that all that I have to say right now. If you have any questions to ask me please feel free to do so and I should reply in a matter of minutes.


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