BenBot weekly update

So I found on thingiverse some herring bones gears and rail that some one was using instead of blets (thing:21206) And I had a fantastic idea! Why dont I use herringbone gears for every thing! its not like it takes more plastic or any thing right? So today at thanks giving dinner I was thinking of how I would do every thing and as soon as the family had finished I was off to modal! The guy that I got the gears from only had one size. So I asked him in a comment if he could upload a smaller gear or at least tell me how i would go about making one my self.

    So now to talk about all the ideas and how they work. Before I had to so you had the gears on the rail and a sleeve like thing that went around it, making sure it would not fall off, but now that I have these gears it just has a motor mount and a spot for a 608 bearing under to hold it all nice and tight.

    You can't see it in this picture but it was a j-head duel extrusion mount on that X axis (that I will use a smaller gear on as well as the Y) and the main huge thing is the duel wades sitting on the back of this thing! I know that most 3D printers are not really all that into duel extrusion yet because well its hard to do. But I wanted to make the BenBot the coolest of cool and duel is cool!

    In my last post I also made sure to mention that all of my joints are going to be done with a locking peg. I have not done this yet on the real modal yet but its an east thing and will be done soon.

   IM SCARED!! I have no idea how this thing is really going to work in the real world. In a modal it works grate! But when you make this out of plastic all sorts of things could go wrong. My main thing is "will the plastic stay straight" and I fear that It will not... I'm thinking that this will need to be printed very thick and maybe out of PLA and if I do that they its going to cost so much that 'why not just make a normal reprap' so I hope that I cant get all of this working for under $500 because if i can then I will have changed the world of 3D printing forever. At least I hope so...

Ramps 1.4     -  $150
heated bed     -  $50
2 J-head tips  -  $108
6 nema 17      -  $110
Plastic parts   - $ ???
$420 just in hardware. and my 15 pounds of plastic cost me about $80 so Is i can print all of this with just that I would fit at the $500 mark exactly. so lets just hope that 15lbs of ABS can do the job!


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