Silver glass

Silver Glass

I think Silver glass will be my final name for it (not 100% sure yet), but this is a project that I have been working on for a little while now.

The Physical build and hardware

The idea for the physical build is nothing new, its going to be a LCD behind a oneway mirror. so that the light parts of the LCD will shine through. While the dark parts of the screen will remain as a mirror. this has been done before many times. So I know the idea is solid. The part that I'm innovating on is the fast that im going to have the screen powered by a raspberry pi that is connected to your houses local network.

The software and function

This is what you will be seeing on your mirror
The software is also nothing special. It is running a flask server that runs on the pi's IP address on port :5000. The pi will be connected to through a phone, tablet, or computer, anything that has a browser and is on the same local network. On your phone or tablet you will see the 'admin panel' a place where you can make new 'posts' or 'elements' on the mirror. once you post something on this admin page the mirror will update with whatever information you put on it. This leaves you with a ton of possibilities. If you want to post a youtube channel for a daily makeup tip, up there you can. If you want to have your twitter feed on your mirror go ahead! If you want to see whats happening on facebook just sign in and see. If you just want a family photo in the corner, thats easy, a To-Do list that syncs with your google calendar, sure. The mirror will have somethings that will always be there like, a weather widget, a clock, and a daily complement. every element will be editable and easy to change. if you no longer want something then delete it or change what the clock looks like.

this is the 'admin' page where you can post

What are the possibilities?

The pi that is running as a server will reboot every day at around midnight. and every time it does reboot it does a git pull from an open repo. This makes it so that you will never have to do an update for your mirror, this project is supposed to help people in a normal not and not be intrusive. its not strapping a computer to your face, or even to your wall. this is not a tool you will use to browse twitter or facebook, but just get the updates while you are getting ready in the morning. I never want this to be 'hard to set up' or for someone to say 'wait I don't get it', this project is a tool for the normal person who is not a computer wiz, in a lot of ways its better if you aren't, it takes away a lot of the hassle of using your smart phone.

What I hope to do with it

I think this mirror thing could be huge! I'm going to open source it, and make an open documentation a place where people can post what elements they have make so that I can push those the the users if I agree that it meets the standards that I have set for the mirror. I'm going to try to have a kickstarter so that I can hopefully quit my job to spend more time with my family, and make more awesome projects like this one!


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