3D printer enclosure


This is the rendered out cut files for the sides.
I could probably do a better job at laying
things out but it works, so I'm not going to worry
I was talking to someone at youmagine and they said that it would be cool if their was a propper enclosure for their printer, this would help with the safety of kids with a printer in their class rooms, this is a very good point. Printers are very hot and dangerous kid! It would also help out with thing like warping parts and all of that. people make these things out of cardboard all the time.


I wanted to do a little bit more that cardboard for these guys. So as the norm I took to OpenScad to make up the parts needed for this thing, and I did something a little different that what you normally see me do, I made 2D drawing. In cad you can do things like cube(); normally but most people don't know that you can do things like square(); and make 2D things, this is what needed for something like a laser cutter. So I made up some corners, and hinges and a handle for the door. Those parts you have to print, and then with a very settings you can also render out the files for your sides / top and bottom. I think it would be cool to made the walls out of some thick acrylic, that way its safe, and you can still see your printer inside. I also added some extra things like a vent hole, if you want to do something like have the fumes from the printer go straight out side instead of build up in this case. and a power cable hole, this was just needed and I almost forgot about it. I hope they get some use out of it, if I had a laser cutter at my disposal I would for sure make one for my self.


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