Customizable 3D printed Quad copter

The Idea

I wanted to make a 3D printed quadcopter, because I wanted to to do quad racings, but I did not want to just put a kit have loose out on the fun of making something cool for my self, and I wanted something that can change in any way I want  it to, if I want six inch props then I can have them, but what if I wanted something weird? like maybe I found 7.4inch props some place and wanted to optimize my quad to use those. So you have to have a design that can change, and my design can in fact change to whatever size you want.

The Making

I used openscad so that I could set parameters for the prop size, and some others tuff, and I wanted to make the frame have slots in it for velcro/zip tie downs. So I have a few holes in the frame that you can define how you want it to work, now I also wanted to be able to use a large battery, and their is not room for it on the top of the frame, so I decided that the battery should go on the bottom. I also wanted to race this thing. So I have something in the file where you can change the tilt of the motors! to whatever you want it to be. so if you want to just fly around and look at things you would set your tilt to 0 but if you want to really fly fast! than you set the tilt to something large, like maybe 10 degrees or something.

Still to do

I need to make feet that snap into the frame. This would make it so you have the freedom of putting the battery on the bottom, and I still need to make a few more things to set, like maybe its to large to print on your 3D printer, this is an issue, so I need to make it so you can cut up the parts into a nice parts list.


This IS 3D printed, I have no idea what plastic you are going to be using but I think it will be strong if you use PLA. But really I have no idea what you are going to do with this, and with feet, how do I make it so they don't snap all every time you land? These are all things that are hard to think about without having fly time, also maybe I need to have a top. something that keeps the electronics safe, that looks better, but is it really that needed? Maybe its more aerodynamic or something, I really have no idea.

I also REALLY need to have better default values, I just threw this together and it should work pretty well, but it is NOT a download and print solution as it stands.



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