I was featured on youmagine


I want to make a video that explained how I do most of my stuff with OpenScad, and I thought a video would be the best way to do just that.


I, my self do have stretched ears, and I have wanted to make some plugs for a while now, so I did just that! This video is How I make most things in OpenScad, and in the end I show how cool it is to use fontawesome with your projects. If you havent seen my other video on how to get fontawesome working in OpenScad go and check out my other video that is linked in the description of this one.

After I posted this model up on youmagine.com they messaged me and said that they were going to feature my model :) This made me feel special, so I am very happy with it. I also got talking to them and made another projects with their help, its a enclosure for your printer, to keep your printer safe in a class room situation, and keep the heat in, This should help eliminate any warping issues that you are getting with ABS. But that will be another post later on.

These plugs I think would be really cool to print in a flexible material, because then you could use them to stretch up with, and even if you aren't going any large, you will still like to sleep with flexible plugs in way more. But if you want PLA should be a bio safe plastic to print with, I would say polish up before putting in your ears though, that way you keep things clean and happy :)


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