Magnetic Finger Implant


This is not my first magnetic find implant, my first one is a super tiny one in my left middle finger, right in the center, I can only really feel strong magnets with it, So I ordered a new magnet from Dangerous things. I got a m31 and had the idea of implanting it with a needle, (this went bad and the magnet was not implanted) I waited for a few months without putting it in. It was actually stuck to my dads fridge for a long time in a plastic bag. Then I finally had the time to do it, so I asked Rick Lee if he would help me out and do the cut, since I just cant get my self to cut my own finger. He is a super nice guy and agreed, and didn't even complain when I was dripping blood all over him.

I would say that the experience was not to bad, I would say around a 3 on the pain scale, I had my finger in some ice before hand, and I think the adrenalin kept me feeling alright. We cut it open, slid the magnet in by hand, and used another magnet to pull the magnet to the extent of the cut that was made. this worked out very well! it was easy to place where you want if you use another magnet. I had picked up some 'medical super glue' which I guess is just normal super glue that doesn't sting when you put it on a cut, so that was super awesome, I did not get stitches at all. But we had to try and glue it up twice, since the blood would cure the glue before even touching my skin, so it has to stop bleeding first.

Day 1

Day 1

The first day I had a large hunk of super glue on my finger, I made sure that it as very thick and much larger than my cut, this made it so the glue was hard and stayed on my finger. But I could still feel things that were new, my old magnet was cool, but this one is amazing! I can feel metals now, where before I could only feel other magnets. I could even pick things up for the first time!

Day 2

This is right after the super came off the night of day 2
One the second day of christmas the magnet gave to me, some soreness and bruising. I knew this would happen, I mean there was a huge hole in my finger, what else would happen? This is also the day that I went to open my macbook and noticed how strong the magnets in the lid are, I swear I almost tore the magnet out! It was more pain that putting it in. So if you plan on doing this and you also have a macbook, you are warned! 

Day 3

Day three is nothing huge, the cut is almost completely healed up, and I am starting to feel things a little bit better. If you have every wanted to know what a magnetic field feels like, I would say it feel like a silk blanket, its very smooth feels nice to the touch. The difference is that with magnets the strength is exponential, so being half as far away is twice as strong, no matter what. This can be scary, you will think something is okay and then get ever so slightly close and find out that its very strong and hurts your finger. I think it will be fully healed up in no time, and once it is, I am going to do some experimenting with analog electro magnets so that I can set up any kind of sensor and use my finger magnet as an interface device for my body.


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