Resin for FFF printers


So a lot of people that want a 3D printer always get lost in the mix of FDM (same as FFF), and SLA. Now SLA is nice because it uses a freaking laser (on the head of freaking sharks) to cure the resin in a pool and do so very very accurately, and a FFF printer lays how plastic, this is much faster but has less accurate prints, and if you want to print clear things, its not so awesome. So the idea was to make an thing that would make your FF printer print with resin, just to see how it goes! and I mean why not right? resin is liquid and we use water tube fittings for the bowden tube, so it should be pretty well water tight, and if not, you can just blast the leaking with some UV light to close the leak. But this is a weird thing, how do you properly get resin to come out of the tip of your hot-end in a nice flow? I though you would use something like a Z axis on a standard FFF printer and clap down on a bag pushing the right amount out of the tip.



Just like I do, I made this in openscad, and I have a lot of settings that you can change on this one, just because I have no idea how well it will all work and I have no idea how big of a bag you would need, or what motors and threaded rod you would use, but the basic idea is. You have two motors on each side, and these motors have threaded rods on the shafts, and that threads into nuts on a second printed part, then when the motors move it pulls the nuts close and smashes the bag of resin. this is a VERY basic idea, but since it is something not done before the design was kind of a weird thing to think of. It woks like the trash compactor in Star Wars. I think my pictures will do a better job at explaining it.


I am not sure what needs fixing as I have not yet tested it, but I think this thing might need a top and bottom, that would be interesting since the wall would still have to slow between them. Maybe a box with a missing side that I then print? Don't know until someone tries it.


My thoughts on this are kind of mixed, I have no idea if it is even something that people are interested in, I have no idea if it will be bridging or over hangs at all! I really have no idea, BUT on the other hand I think it is a good idea to keep the mind of innovation going and moving in a direction, you only know if something is a bad idea once you have tested it in depth and found it to be a bad idea. This might also be awesome for printing with stuff like frosting of really any kind of liquidish goo type of things



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