UPDATES on the Benbot now known as the dollo 3D printer


In news, we were published on 3Dprint.com! It was a huge deal for us. They found our project from github, and that is kind of weird since github is where we has our code, and nothing really about the printer, and we never sent a link to anyone about it, I am thinking that they just scrape github for anything new that comes up that mentions 3D printing, But still way cool! Also My mini factory (mmf) Contacted up and said that they really like the idea too, so we at some point are going to be doing some collaboration work with them, I am not sure what the will be yet, but it seamed pretty cool. I have never had so many people interested in something that I have done before, so it it really exciting. I also entered the 3d print contest on instructables, but did not make it into the finals, I think this is do to lack of me promoting it. But the good thing is that it forced me to make full documentation on how to assemble the Dollo 3D so now anyone who want to can go and make some with a little bit more ease.


A LOT has changed since the last blog post, but I wont go all the way back, but in a quick recap or the last 6 months we changed the joints to be a bow-tie joint in 4 corners, we made it so that if you want you can add a threaded rod core to the printer, we cut off the corners so that we can print better and with less material (plus it looks bad ass), and we have simplified almost all of the models code. This means that if anyone want to go and fork the project they can do it with out a huge pain! they can now go and make something like the dollo without needing to throw away half of my terrible code. I think the main extention parts and now down to something like 30 or so lines, so its a huge benifit! also I have custom firmware for the RAMBo board in the repo, this is because I didnt want to have a new custom board, but needed the 2 motors on the y and only one on the z, I will be making these changed for the ramps firmware and other board as they are requested.


Besides what I have already talked about their has not been very much happening, we did the the Dollo to print thought, but the Z axis is still way to wobbly while moving so it does not look very good on the z direction, but as it stands, I am pretty sure it would be a pretty cool pen plotter, and one of the more awesome plotters if I do say so my self.

Showing the progress is being made


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