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Bluetooth LE bone conduction implant.


I wanted to take the idea of a implanted headset to a new level. Cochlear implants are amazing, but to be real they are not cool. And I have no hearing issues, so no doctor would let me get one. not like I would want to spend the $40,000 on one anyways! I would way rather pay something like under $40 and get one that also has bluetooth. So that is the idea, a bluetooth headset implanted in my head with something that will vibrate my skull so that I can hear my audio from my phone or laptop.


In real life this is a slightly more difficult that just cutting it open and plopping this thing in. I have a few things to overcome. and the first one is huge, how the hell do you charge a battery that you put inside your skin? Well phones do wireless charging some times, so I took apart a phone wireless charging pad and used that. I was going to use a tooth brush but I head that they are hard to get the coils out of, so I went this way instead and it worked out fine.

I also have …