Bluetooth LE bone conduction implant.


I wanted to take the idea of a implanted headset to a new level. Cochlear implants are amazing, but to be real they are not cool. And I have no hearing issues, so no doctor would let me get one. not like I would want to spend the $40,000 on one anyways! I would way rather pay something like under $40 and get one that also has bluetooth. So that is the idea, a bluetooth headset implanted in my head with something that will vibrate my skull so that I can hear my audio from my phone or laptop.


In real life this is a slightly more difficult that just cutting it open and plopping this thing in. I have a few things to overcome. and the first one is huge, how the hell do you charge a battery that you put inside your skin? Well phones do wireless charging some times, so I took apart a phone wireless charging pad and used that. I was going to use a tooth brush but I head that they are hard to get the coils out of, so I went this way instead and it worked out fine.

The stuff on the right will fold over the coil and is VERY
thin, The copper oval will be the total diameter of the implant
I also have the weird thing of how is it going to make noise, its not like it will have much room to move around and work like a normal speaker, this thing has to vibrate my ear through my skull. so their are a few things you can do, mount a magnet on your skull and run a coil to vibrate it. or two use a piezo, the issue with a piezo is that I would need to up the voltage in order to get any real volume I can up the voltage but that would require another part, and size really does matter in this kind of thing. But the issue with the magnet and coil is that I'm not even sure it will vibrate enough no matter what I do. So some more testing is needed.

The size right now is a lot better than I thought I would have just this far into it. I am just about the size of a quarter and something like 4 or 5 mm thick, so not that bad. The battery is for sure most of that thickness. The battery is 35mah so its pretty small, I just with it was larger in the x and y but thinner in the z, but when you are getting a new super power beggars can't be choosers I guess.


  1. piezo vs coil and magnet
  2. could change the switch to be a magnetic switch so I don't have to push on it, and just use my magnet implants
  3. I want to get all of these parts put on the same board, but I'm not sure thats an option for V1.0
  4. Battery size is something that could be fun to play with, get a week out of it instead of a day
  5. location could be a huge deal, I'm going to do trial and error with the best knowledge I have
  6. Battery inside or out, you have could the battery do induction all the time and just magnetically sit on the outside of your skin. so it will only run over induction, cut down on size and risk.

  1. This headset will pair with another one so I could have stereo headset implants in the future. 
  2. It also pairs with 2 devices, so that is way helpful. I can pair with my phone and with my laptop.
  3. It had a microphone on it, I have NO idea how well that will work under skin, maybe awesome.
  4. If I have a magnet the speaker I could use that to line up the charging coil and have no issues with lining the two up.

This is a VERY dangerous experiment! I will have a battery under my skin. If this battery for some reason gets battery thermal runaway it will melt though my skin and burn my skull. This will also require quite a long surgery that to be honest, will not be done at a doctors office or hospital. They will get their license revoked, thus this is going to have to be done DIY style. 

DO NOT DO THIS TO YOUR SELF! I will be the tester here and see how things go, if all is well and good after some time, then maybe we will be able to have this kind of thing available for everyone on a legal level, done by a doctor.


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