A little bit more about me

So I noticed that on my blog thus far I have not said very many things about my self, it just looks like a lot of projects in a lot of different fields. So I thought I should sit down and make something that tells the world who I am.

Starting with the basic facts, I am a 20 year old guy who lives in Utah, and I work as a web developer as my day job. But I get a little bit crazier when it comes to what I do after work. I am a bio-hacker, and a 3D printer engineer. I also have interests in life automation, and virtual reality. This is an amazing time for idea people, but an idea doesn't make your life better, you have to actually make them real, and thats what I am doing.

So as a bio hacker I have all the standards that come with the title. I have 3 microchips implanted in a number of different places in my body. These chips help out with my every day life. I can unlock my phone by just tapping it to my hand, I can get access to my university resources by tapping my other hand, and I have a constant reading of my bio metrics sent to my phone by the last microchip. I also have 2 finger magnets, these are implanted just under the skin on my 2 middle fingers, this gives me a 6th sense of magnetism, feeling magnetic fields, and I really don't understand how people can live with out it now. All of my upgrades make my life better, faster, and stronger. Now all of this bio hacking is not medically approved, and because of this I have to do all of my implants on my self. But I see the benefits as our doing the risks. I can program things to make it so people can see going through the magnetic sense, or hear for the first time. The medical industry hates bio hackers because we innovate better then they do.

I am also very into 3D printing, you can read a few posts on my blog already about 3D printing and the designing process for the dollo 3D. Now this Dollo is a little bit more awesome than normal 3D printers, the entire things needs only a screw driver and around 26 screws. I designed the machine to grow with your ideas. Say the printer can only print 3x6x6 when you first put it together, that will be fine for most things. you can print a bottle opener, or a phone case in the space with no issues. But when your ideas grow and you need to print something so large that no commercial 3D printer can do it, the Dollo has you covered, I designed it to be a modular growing design with self replication. Meaning that the printer can print its own parts to make its self larger, with no limits. If you want to print something that is 4ft x 4ft x8ft (that is huge) you could do it with no real issues form your printer at all.

Life automation kind of fits in with my bio-hacking and 3D printing. The goal is the make it so all you need in your life is your self and a phone. I don't need a wallet, or keys any more. I can unlock my phone, car, and from dour, all with my implanted tags in my hands. This also makes it so I never get locked out of my car, or house. I'm have all of the 3D designs already made to help automate the kitchen, with a fully 3D printed kitchen set with customizable options. You get your own bowl, with your name on it, and the exact size and shape that you like. Im also working on making my phone smart so that when I walk into a room the lights turn on, and when I walk out they turn off. Automating the little things gives you more free time to think about more important things.

VR (virtual reality) is also something that I have played with a bit. My first impressions of it was this it will change the world but this is in no way accessible to everyone who needs it. So I set off on a project to make it a bit better. Their are already a lot of very cheap VR headsets out in the world. But I don't like the devices because they don't fit your phone perfectly, and they definitely never fit your face right. So I designed and 3D printed custom fit VR headsets that work with everyones phone, and everyones face. This is known as parametric modeling, and what you do if go into the software, tell me what size your phone is, and some information about yours face and the software will make a custom fit, one of a kind VR headset for you, it will even emboss your name on the top if you'd like.

So those are just some of my projects, as your look through my blog you may see a few more that get a little bit less love, but are still very cool. I also have around 30 other projects that are just on my computer that I just have no had time to complete or just have not gotten around to uploading the documentation online yet. But I am a very nice guy, and I just think the world need a bit of a wake up call. So that is me, that is what I am doing. I do most of my things because no one else dares to do it.

My goal in life is to leave this world a better place than when I came into it, and I'm going to.


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