m31 finger magnet rejection

Picture of the magnet when it was first put in
A few months ago I had a m31 magnet implanted in my middle finger on my right hand. This was awesome and I had a lot of fun with it, feeling magnetic fiends is an amazing sense. But this post is going to be about the rejection.

In early July I had a magnet implanted. This magnet was a m31 from Dangerousthings.com the magnet seamed to have heal very quickly and nice. It was perfect on the location and depth in my finger for a long time. Then probably a month ago it seamed to start to move around a little bit, and I could see a thin edge of a gold colored magnet just under my skin. I didn't think much of it, I just though it was close to the surface, and that was kind of awesome because I could pick up a lot of stuff that other peoples magnets couldn't.

This month I moved. I was picking up heavy boxes all day every day for like 4 days. It sucks, and I smashed my finger a number of times. But it ever seamed like it hit my magnet directly. After all of my moving was done I noticed that the skin over my magnet was pretty callused and covered with dead skin. The dead skin was peeling off so I just pulled it the rest of the way with no pain, and at this point I could see a very thin layer of skin covering the edge of the magnet.

The next day, I noticed a small hole had formed and the magnet was exposed to the air. My first thought was 'fuck this thing needs to come out' and I just moved so I didn't have a scalpel readily available. So I just let it do its own thing. I had the magnet exposed to the air for two day before I finally took it into my own hands and took to biting down on the magnet and stretching my skin around it to pull the magnet out. It was very painless and I had no infection of any kind.

This is the newly formed hole left in my finger from the magnet
The yellow color you see is NOT infection, it is the magnet its self.
The magnet out of my finger, just so you can see how small it really it


  1. That is really discusting. :-) And I thought it's me who is freaking out people.

    1. Thank you, I think. I'm just trying to show the parts that people normally leave out of the conversation.


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