More people are interested in me. Yay!

So not to long ago I went to grind fest, a group a biohackers get together in the middle of the desert and do grinds on each other, its way fun to go if anyone is ever looking for some DIY surgery. Now True life, the MTV show followed me there. They are doing an episode on 3 biohackers lives, and I am one of them :) To my surprise, at grind fest we got a lot of press, at one point I think the press out numbered to biohackers. So now I am going to be in a number of documentaries, a book, and a number of articles. Most of the docs and shows are not going to be out for a few more months sadly, but I will post them up once they are. I also just got off of an interview for yet another MTV show called "Owning it" I guess they have not put anything out yet, so I am guessing I will be one of the first episodes. It is an online show so the link will be available as soon as I have it. As of right now the only thin that is published is a article that I will post below.


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