Atom adhesives bio proofing

So after some online looking around and talking to a few people I came across a two part epoxy that is supposed to be implant safe. This was crazy amazing to me because it means I don't have to do a parylene run of a few hundred things where I only need a few and not spend a thousand bucks on it.

So this stuff is pretty amazing, I thought it would be slightly flexible, but it turns out that it is very much the opposite. This stuff is rigid, like so rigid that it made my bone transducer stop working when I coated it in this stuff, and those things seems to work under some pretty tight pressures. So I have to find a way to get it to work with a bone transducer still, but I had the idea of making my own bio safe magnets! and while I'm at it I can do like 3 or 4 experiments at once. So my plan is to put these disk magnets (with a hole in the middle) in the side of my hand, This tests the coating, it tests strong magnets in the side of a hand, and I wanted to see how well my body would heal through the hole, basically locking the magnet in place (I hope). All of these things leed me to my BLE implant, because if the coating fails I know I need to find a new one. If the holes in the center make it lock in place then I might add hole in my BLE one to make it also lock in place. So really it is all the same experiment, just in a safer and more controlled way. But still leading up to my ultimate goal (for right now) of getting a bluetooth headset implanted in my head.

And now I have a very long and shaky video to go along with the blog post:


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