18 RGB LEDs under the skin, rechargeable, and bluetooth controlled

After seeing the northstar I had a bit of inspiration. I think the idea of the northstar is super cool! But not a very smooth execution. So I took some adafruit parts and made a bluetooth controlled LED ring with 12 LEDs on it. this was cool. It had a battery and qi charger and LEDs But it was not an implant by any means. So I took to eagle (learned eagle while making this) and I designed my own atmel32u4-mu powered bluetooth implant with 18 leds (the more the better right).

The way it works is your phone connects over BLE and sends a LED number along with the brightness of Red Green and Blue. So you can choose what LED is what color and brightness. The implant its self is super simple, all it does is listen for a color and change that LED thats it! All of the magic happens on your device with the data that is sent. You can do things like assign an LED to a contact in your phone and the color will change depending on what the notification is. Green for text, red for email, or whatever you decide. This make it so your implant never goes obsolete, at least as long as BLE is still in devices. like I said I have one working now that is just bread boarded, but I am doing a initial test pcb run in a few days. Oh and I put in a vibration motor so you can do that bottle nose stuff, and the BLE chit has a temp readout so you can get a rough body temp.

What does everyone think? Would you like a rechargeable RGB bluetooth version of the northstar with 18 LEDs? What would you use it for?

P.S. Friends at grindhouse, please dont be mad at me for putting all of your projects into one. You guys inspired it, so thank you.


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