video video, oh so much video.

So with all of the biohacking/grinding stuff I have recorded a few things my self and a few other people have been filming things with it as well. So he is whats happened, grinding is cool, so MTV true life started to film some of our things and that got me to start documenting my own things. I want to be able to show people things simply so I have decide to have this blog post just for some of the videos.


True life: (download link)

This one you have to sign-in with facebook/twitter and if you choose a provider the email doesnt really matter at all. I will probably record this and put it up somewhere (might have legal issues with that though)

You Tube:

I just post a link here because I have a few videos and dont want to post all of them as an iframe. If you are on my channel looking at grinding stuff make sure to check out my cool 3D printing stuff as well!


Their are a few of things that I will probably be a part of in the nearing future, but I'm not 100% sure and I don't have links to them so nothing yet. But at grind fest 1 at a point I think we had more filming people than grinders. So I'm sure things will come from that.


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