transdermal power lines

I just had an idea about my bluetooth audio implant. What if I wanted 2 of them to hear positional audio (mainly for VR was my initial idea). and then had the realization that this would suck for sleeping. because I would need to charge 2 things and have 2 charger. I also don't want huge batteries in my head because of the bulk. But what if I took the power lines from other implants and wired them into a single battery in my chest. This battery could be much larger, as it wont look so crazy being a bulk right over the side of my chest. This makes it so I can use only one charger and have my body be more of a power grid system, with a single point of making power that branches out into modular nodes.

This would help with a lot of things, if I ever wanted to replace the battery with something better I would only have to change one battery, not multiple. Plus I would be taking away a lot of bulk from all of my implants, meaning my audio implants would only need to be 2mm thick because that is how big the transducer is. I could then wire very thin wires under my skin that you would not be able to notice from the outside. This would also help my glowing hand implants idea (northstar as an example) could be kept very thin and avoid the large freaky looking bump on the top of your hand, or head.

I am going to work on making some wires tonight and If I am feeling up to it I will implant one in my self that just goes a short distance and does almost nothing, just as a proof of concept.


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