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I have been working on a new implant device for a friend of mine (actually a friend not my self in the typical joke sense). This implant is meant to make sex better, I know "how could sex be better" right? Well, the device is bluetooth and connects to a phone, and has two vibration motors in it, this makes it so that one of the people, has control over the device during sex. So it't not a always on, or pattern kind of a thin, its a actively controlled thing.

So for this project I used an adafruit feather bluetooth board, and those boards are awesome by the way. I did come up with some issues to start with. The battery was dying within about 2 hours, and that SUCKS! Because that was weather it was doing anything or not, so it for sure needed to be worked out, if you charged it while you slept it would be dead before you had sex with anyone, so thats pointless. My way around this is I am going to charge the device (will only work while turned on so I am going to put a magnet in the charger) and then have the device disconnect the power line entirely until you turn it back on. The way I am doing this is with a transistor to do the switching and a very tiny tiny power draw from a hall effects sensor that has a resistor on it to make it not mess up the battery. SO the way it works if you latch the hall sensor (with a magnet implant) that then puts power onto the transistor and connects the battery to the board powering everything else, you then open the app on a phone and you can see the board, just select it and you will be able to just push buttons for different feelings, like ramp up, ramp down, on button down vibrate, and button release stop. But all of that vibration stuff is controlled over BLE and is done in the app, this way you don't need to do anything to try new things out.

You just update the app, and its just like upgrading your sex life.

Now I have some different idea on how it should work than my friend, I think it should do this whole has to be connected to a phone and it becomes part of the sex life, he is a bit older than I am and less into introducing his phone into sex, but I think once he has this in his body he will see the benefit of it.


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