New biohacking site

This is a think that I have been into for a while now, biohacking (the way I use the term) refers to the grinding community, as in you put things in your body to make you better. The community is very small and kind of struggles to have a lot of people active at once. The current system is something like this.

You go onto, its a cool looking site, but it really sucks a lot when on mobile in particular. When you are on there and see something cool, its normally from one of the 2 main sites for buying biohacking things, or they are awesome and do a lot of good work. So you will see something they have done, they will post a link and you will leave the site and end up on their own site where they sell things, thats fine for the most part. But we get into a bit of an issue when less serious people get into it and end up posting something with "PM me and we will exchange paypal info". Now that works, but its not that awesome of a thing. So what I am trying to do is make etsy for biohackers.

I set up a dupal commerce site on my localhost and that got me 80% of the way there on this project (so thank you to the guys who make that stuff) I then went and made a new content type for a forum thing (in drupal very easy) and I changed the way comments work so when you comment on a thread you get to add files, pictures, the whole deal. So that was it for that, the forum was done, it took only a few minutes to make and now people can talk to one another and ever do sub-comments to each other.

Then can the etsy part. Now I thought that this would be hard but it really wasn't at all. All I did was make a new member level called "seller" and made it so they can create and edit their own products, and view shipping info on everyone. Easy done and done! Now I have an etsy clone with a forum to replace the old one and its all works better, fast, and more open to the public!

This is talk about updating the site, and trying to make it into something that is new again, and use something that works this time, I think it would be cool if this new drupal site was that replacement, but I don't know if that is a good idea since it would be a very different site. But I will be a good thing to have in the community regardless of the domain name of the project.

So there is that, I am trying to document a little bit here so that everyone in the world knows what I am doing, I do not do this whole "secret till it awesome" thing what so every, if you don't let people see the beginnings then they thing its impossible to do them selves, and as I have told you here, it's really not that hard at all! I have maybe 3 hours into this and I am almost done with a complete replacement and solution for an entire community of people, its not hard so get out and do things to help others!


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