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BenBot weekly update

So I found on thingiverse some herring bones gears and rail that some one was using instead of blets (thing:21206) And I had a fantastic idea! Why dont I use herringbone gears for every thing! its not like it takes more plastic or any thing right? So today at thanks giving dinner I was thinking of how I would do every thing and as soon as the family had finished I was off to modal! The guy that I got the gears from only had one size. So I asked him in a comment if he could upload a smaller gear or at least tell me how i would go about making one my self.

    So now to talk about all the ideas and how they work. Before I had to so you had the gears on the rail and a sleeve like thing that went around it, making sure it would not fall off, but now that I have these gears it just has a motor mount and a spot for a 608 bearing under to hold it all nice and tight.

    You can't see it in this picture but it was a j-head duel extrusion mount on that X axis (that I will use a smaller ge…

New joint for benbot

So im having a ton of fun drawing on my note2 i just keep comimg up with new ideas when i can easily draw them in my hand. This is a new idea for benbot.  Because before i wanted to have it all snap and clip togethor. But the more i play with my printed test clips i think that the tiny wobble of the clip would make prints look like crap. So what ive done is come up with a new joint that if printed right, will be just as strong as the rest of the printer.

BenBot and rapman

Ben Bot is an idea I've had for a long time now. But have had very little time to do because of high school. The basic idea is a fully printer printer. I've made up most of the 3D models in blender but I have never tried to put it into more simple terms that people understand, so here is my attempt at doing so.
             I have in the last few days gotten a note 2 and it had this awesome thing that corrects your drawing so that they have perfect lines. All of the red lines are axis rails with teeth on them that the motors will move on, and all the black lines are for structure of the machine so that does not move. With the picture of the box in its own square I was just messing with my new phone and well all sorts of crazy and put all of the information in one picture with a key (the key is for that one picture only). I then got into my artsy side and drew up a Ben Bot logo that I think I'll keep around and actually use as the official logo of this thing.

Prusa mendel printing awesome!

This is my Prusa mendel printing with I think PLA in this video. I really love how good its been printing so I thought that I would put up a video :)