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VR headsets aren't awesome yet.

    So I have been playing around with a copy of google cardboard that my dad made, and my first thought were that it was amazing! very well done for being made out of a pizza box. But while I was loving it, my dad was a little on the fence. Because I had the nexus 5, the cardboard was made for my phone to fit perfectly and function with it. My dad has a note3 now this is an amazing phone screen its large and its the screen that they use in the Oculus Rift, so it must be a great screen. But with the cardboard it was cutting off the edges of his phone and making the experience sub-par. So he started to use Inkscape to change the printed cardboard files, but he ran into a large issue. His phone was to big. and the things he was changing meant that it would no longer fit on a normal piece of paper.

    After our epic fail on the cardboard we went to go see what else was out there, the dive project was an awesome 3D printed version of the cardobard/oculus its not based of…

his is a new (super quick) rendering of the BenBot

This is a new (super quick) rendering of the BenBot, I've actually had time to do some modeling in the last couple of days! I will be finishing up the design and put in some physics to test how it is all really going to work. hope it works out.

On this model I have the z and y mounted on the frame its self. so the printer has less plastic and is stronger. the z is going to be a little bit weird because I have to find a way to mount the bed on the z with out having it hit the edges of the printer. I was thinking about just making it a really long bed. the only down site to this idea of the z on the fame is that I will have to get another motor. I figure the amount you save on plastic will end up being the cost of another motor. (at least I hope)

Silver glass

Silver Glass I think Silver glass will be my final name for it (not 100% sure yet), but this is a project that I have been working on for a little while now.

The Physical build and hardware The idea for the physical build is nothing new, its going to be a LCD behind a oneway mirror. so that the light parts of the LCD will shine through. While the dark parts of the screen will remain as a mirror. this has been done before many times. So I know the idea is solid. The part that I'm innovating on is the fast that im going to have the screen powered by a raspberry pi that is connected to your houses local network.

The software and function The software is also nothing special. It is running a flask server that runs on the pi's IP address on port :5000. The pi will be connected to through a phone, tablet, or computer, anything that has a browser and is on the same local network. On your phone or tablet you will see the 'admin panel' a place where you can make new 'posts&#…

x-webkit-speech over a full site

Today my boss asked me to make our entire site have voice inputs. My first thought was 'This will take some time!' little did I know about the x-webkit-speech attribute in chrome. So all the code I needed to have for my entire site to get that little microphone was the code posted below along with having jQuery included.
          $('input').attr('x-webkit-speech', '');