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his is a new (super quick) rendering of the BenBot

This is a new (super quick) rendering of the BenBot, I've actually had time to do some modeling in the last couple of days! I will be finishing up the design and put in some physics to test how it is all really going to work. hope it works out.

On this model I have the z and y mounted on the frame its self. so the printer has less plastic and is stronger. the z is going to be a little bit weird because I have to find a way to mount the bed on the z with out having it hit the edges of the printer. I was thinking about just making it a really long bed. the only down site to this idea of the z on the fame is that I will have to get another motor. I figure the amount you save on plastic will end up being the cost of another motor. (at least I hope)

Silver glass

Silver Glass I think Silver glass will be my final name for it (not 100% sure yet), but this is a project that I have been working on for a little while now.

The Physical build and hardware The idea for the physical build is nothing new, its going to be a LCD behind a oneway mirror. so that the light parts of the LCD will shine through. While the dark parts of the screen will remain as a mirror. this has been done before many times. So I know the idea is solid. The part that I'm innovating on is the fast that im going to have the screen powered by a raspberry pi that is connected to your houses local network.

The software and function The software is also nothing special. It is running a flask server that runs on the pi's IP address on port :5000. The pi will be connected to through a phone, tablet, or computer, anything that has a browser and is on the same local network. On your phone or tablet you will see the 'admin panel' a place where you can make new 'posts&#…