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18 RGB LEDs under the skin, rechargeable, and bluetooth controlled

After seeing the northstar I had a bit of inspiration. I think the idea of the northstar is super cool! But not a very smooth execution. So I took some adafruit parts and made a bluetooth controlled LED ring with 12 LEDs on it. this was cool. It had a battery and qi charger and LEDs But it was not an implant by any means. So I took to eagle (learned eagle while making this) and I designed my own atmel32u4-mu powered bluetooth implant with 18 leds (the more the better right).

The way it works is your phone connects over BLE and sends a LED number along with the brightness of Red Green and Blue. So you can choose what LED is what color and brightness. The implant its self is super simple, all it does is listen for a color and change that LED thats it! All of the magic happens on your device with the data that is sent. You can do things like assign an LED to a contact in your phone and the color will change depending on what the notification is. Green for text, red for email, or whatever…

video video, oh so much video.

So with all of the biohacking/grinding stuff I have recorded a few things my self and a few other people have been filming things with it as well. So he is whats happened, grinding is cool, so MTV true life started to film some of our things and that got me to start documenting my own things. I want to be able to show people things simply so I have decide to have this blog post just for some of the videos.


True life: (download link)

This one you have to sign-in with facebook/twitter and if you choose a provider the email doesnt really matter at all. I will probably record this and put it up somewhere (might have legal issues with that though)

You Tube:

I just post a link here because I have a few videos and dont want to post all of them as an iframe. If you are on my channel looking at grinding stuff make sure …

Atom adhesives bio proofing

So after some online looking around and talking to a few people I came across a two part epoxy that is supposed to be implant safe. This was crazy amazing to me because it means I don't have to do a parylene run of a few hundred things where I only need a few and not spend a thousand bucks on it.

So this stuff is pretty amazing, I thought it would be slightly flexible, but it turns out that it is very much the opposite. This stuff is rigid, like so rigid that it made my bone transducer stop working when I coated it in this stuff, and those things seems to work under some pretty tight pressures. So I have to find a way to get it to work with a bone transducer still, but I had the idea of making my own bio safe magnets! and while I'm at it I can do like 3 or 4 experiments at once. So my plan is to put these disk magnets (with a hole in the middle) in the side of my hand, This tests the coating, it tests strong magnets in the side of a hand, and I wanted to see how well my body w…

Stronger Joints

So the Dollo has been moving along slowly do to me trying to get back into school and a divorce and all kinds of stuff. But lately I have been trying to get back into it and instead of tackling the large issue of the Z axis moving smooth (does move just not perfectly smooth). I thought I would go for the issue of making things a little easier to print and stronger in the joints. This lead me to a joint that I have used before in wood working, kind of. I still have the 4 45deg bow ties that hold everything pretty solid, but I added an additional sliding dovetail. I replaced the 6-8 individual bow tie slots across the entire machine and did this instead, its kind of like extruded aluminum, but not. I can now print the corners with no support and the extensions are much stronger. So I now have 8 points of contact from section to section on the joints of the printer. Four joints that hold the parts butt ends together and 4 that prevent any kind flexing that was happening. This new design …

More people are interested in me. Yay!

So not to long ago I went to grind fest, a group a biohackers get together in the middle of the desert and do grinds on each other, its way fun to go if anyone is ever looking for some DIY surgery. Now True life, the MTV show followed me there. They are doing an episode on 3 biohackers lives, and I am one of them :) To my surprise, at grind fest we got a lot of press, at one point I think the press out numbered to biohackers. So now I am going to be in a number of documentaries, a book, and a number of articles. Most of the docs and shows are not going to be out for a few more months sadly, but I will post them up once they are. I also just got off of an interview for yet another MTV show called "Owning it" I guess they have not put anything out yet, so I am guessing I will be one of the first episodes. It is an online show so the link will be available as soon as I have it. As of right now the only thin that is published is a article that I will post below.


A little bit more about me

So I noticed that on my blog thus far I have not said very many things about my self, it just looks like a lot of projects in a lot of different fields. So I thought I should sit down and make something that tells the world who I am.

Starting with the basic facts, I am a 20 year old guy who lives in Utah, and I work as a web developer as my day job. But I get a little bit crazier when it comes to what I do after work. I am a bio-hacker, and a 3D printer engineer. I also have interests in life automation, and virtual reality. This is an amazing time for idea people, but an idea doesn't make your life better, you have to actually make them real, and thats what I am doing.

So as a bio hacker I have all the standards that come with the title. I have 3 microchips implanted in a number of different places in my body. These chips help out with my every day life. I can unlock my phone by just tapping it to my hand, I can get access to my university resources by tapping my other hand, and …

m31 finger magnet rejection

A few months ago I had a m31 magnet implanted in my middle finger on my right hand. This was awesome and I had a lot of fun with it, feeling magnetic fiends is an amazing sense. But this post is going to be about the rejection.

In early July I had a magnet implanted. This magnet was a m31 from the magnet seamed to have heal very quickly and nice. It was perfect on the location and depth in my finger for a long time. Then probably a month ago it seamed to start to move around a little bit, and I could see a thin edge of a gold colored magnet just under my skin. I didn't think much of it, I just though it was close to the surface, and that was kind of awesome because I could pick up a lot of stuff that other peoples magnets couldn't.

This month I moved. I was picking up heavy boxes all day every day for like 4 days. It sucks, and I smashed my finger a number of times. But it ever seamed like it hit my magnet directly. After all of my moving was done I noticed…

Bluetooth LE bone conduction implant.


I wanted to take the idea of a implanted headset to a new level. Cochlear implants are amazing, but to be real they are not cool. And I have no hearing issues, so no doctor would let me get one. not like I would want to spend the $40,000 on one anyways! I would way rather pay something like under $40 and get one that also has bluetooth. So that is the idea, a bluetooth headset implanted in my head with something that will vibrate my skull so that I can hear my audio from my phone or laptop.


In real life this is a slightly more difficult that just cutting it open and plopping this thing in. I have a few things to overcome. and the first one is huge, how the hell do you charge a battery that you put inside your skin? Well phones do wireless charging some times, so I took apart a phone wireless charging pad and used that. I was going to use a tooth brush but I head that they are hard to get the coils out of, so I went this way instead and it worked out fine.

I also have …

OpenSCAD Tips and Tricks

OpenSCAD Tips and Tricks
Triangles Right triangles in the OpenSCAD documentation they say how to make a triangle. They use an array of points and then you can use another array to make each and every face on the object. Now I see that this can be helpful on some things! But this is a terrible example, because a triangle is simple to make

module triangle(){
        rotate([0,0,45]) cube([50,50,50]);

This will make a triangle with a 90 degree angle!

Equilateral Triangle If you want to make a equilateral triangle you use a cylinder, this is kind of a weird thing to think of. But we are using a cylinder with a specified number of sides, this can be extremely useful in a number of ways. But we can use it this time to make a triangle.
cylinder(r=5, h=5, $fn=3);
That $fn=3 is the magic! This tells the program that it is only allowed to use 3 sides to make a cylinder, and the best it can do it a equilateral triangle. Define the number of si…

3D printer enclosure

IDEA I was talking to someone at youmagine and they said that it would be cool if their was a propper enclosure for their printer, this would help with the safety of kids with a printer in their class rooms, this is a very good point. Printers are very hot and dangerous kid! It would also help out with thing like warping parts and all of that. people make these things out of cardboard all the time. HOW I DID IT I wanted to do a little bit more that cardboard for these guys. So as the norm I took to OpenScad to make up the parts needed for this thing, and I did something a little different that what you normally see me do, I made 2D drawing. In cad you can do things like cube(); normally but most people don't know that you can do things like square(); and make 2D things, this is what needed for something like a laser cutter. So I made up some corners, and hinges and a handle for the door. Those parts you have to print, and then with a very settings you can also render out the file…

I was featured on youmagine

IDEA I want to make a video that explained how I do most of my stuff with OpenScad, and I thought a video would be the best way to do just that.
EXECUTION I, my self do have stretched ears, and I have wanted to make some plugs for a while now, so I did just that! This video is How I make most things in OpenScad, and in the end I show how cool it is to use fontawesome with your projects. If you havent seen my other video on how to get fontawesome working in OpenScad go and check out my other video that is linked in the description of this one.
After I posted this model up on they messaged me and said that they were going to feature my model :) This made me feel special, so I am very happy with it. I also got talking to them and made another projects with their help, its a enclosure for your printer, to keep your printer safe in a class room situation, and keep the heat in, This should help eliminate any warping issues that you are getting with ABS. But that will be anoth…

Magnetic Finger Implant

Intro This is not my first magnetic find implant, my first one is a super tiny one in my left middle finger, right in the center, I can only really feel strong magnets with it, So I ordered a new magnet from Dangerous things. I got a m31 and had the idea of implanting it with a needle, (this went bad and the magnet was not implanted) I waited for a few months without putting it in. It was actually stuck to my dads fridge for a long time in a plastic bag. Then I finally had the time to do it, so I asked Rick Lee if he would help me out and do the cut, since I just cant get my self to cut my own finger. He is a super nice guy and agreed, and didn't even complain when I was dripping blood all over him.

I would say that the experience was not to bad, I would say around a 3 on the pain scale, I had my finger in some ice before hand, and I think the adrenalin kept me feeling alright. We cut it open, slid the magnet in by hand, and used another magnet to pull the magnet to the extent of…

Customizable 3D printed Quad copter

The Idea I wanted to make a 3D printed quadcopter, because I wanted to to do quad racings, but I did not want to just put a kit have loose out on the fun of making something cool for my self, and I wanted something that can change in any way I want  it to, if I want six inch props then I can have them, but what if I wanted something weird? like maybe I found 7.4inch props some place and wanted to optimize my quad to use those. So you have to have a design that can change, and my design can in fact change to whatever size you want. The Making I used openscad so that I could set parameters for the prop size, and some others tuff, and I wanted to make the frame have slots in it for velcro/zip tie downs. So I have a few holes in the frame that you can define how you want it to work, now I also wanted to be able to use a large battery, and their is not room for it on the top of the frame, so I decided that the battery should go on the bottom. I also wanted to race this thing. So I have som…

Resin for FFF printers

THE IDEA So a lot of people that want a 3D printer always get lost in the mix of FDM (same as FFF), and SLA. Now SLA is nice because it uses a freaking laser (on the head of freaking sharks) to cure the resin in a pool and do so very very accurately, and a FFF printer lays how plastic, this is much faster but has less accurate prints, and if you want to print clear things, its not so awesome. So the idea was to make an thing that would make your FF printer print with resin, just to see how it goes! and I mean why not right? resin is liquid and we use water tube fittings for the bowden tube, so it should be pretty well water tight, and if not, you can just blast the leaking with some UV light to close the leak. But this is a weird thing, how do you properly get resin to come out of the tip of your hot-end in a nice flow? I though you would use something like a Z axis on a standard FFF printer and clap down on a bag pushing the right amount out of the tip.

THE MAKINGJust like I do, I m…

UPDATES on the Benbot now known as the dollo 3D printer

NEWS In news, we were published on! It was a huge deal for us. They found our project from github, and that is kind of weird since github is where we has our code, and nothing really about the printer, and we never sent a link to anyone about it, I am thinking that they just scrape github for anything new that comes up that mentions 3D printing, But still way cool! Also My mini factory (mmf) Contacted up and said that they really like the idea too, so we at some point are going to be doing some collaboration work with them, I am not sure what the will be yet, but it seamed pretty cool. I have never had so many people interested in something that I have done before, so it it really exciting. I also entered the 3d print contest on instructables, but did not make it into the finals, I think this is do to lack of me promoting it. But the good thing is that it forced me to make full documentation on how to assemble the Dollo 3D so now anyone who want to can go and make some wi…

Parametric VR headset

THE IDEASo this idea came about not to long after my last blog post quite some time ago, the things it, I was not quite versed enough in Openscad to finish it up and make it something that I was happy enough with to share, But now I am a lot better with openscad and I now have finished a parametric VR headset in openscad, this means that you can open up the file and change how the headset works, you can specify how large your phone is, and what size of lenses you have, and with what I have done, your computer will make your a custom headset! You can also specify a few extra things, like if you want a headset, and what kind of head strap you already have laying around, this way you will be able to reuse old part, maybe from an old VR headset that you dont really like any more, and you can do the same thing with a magnet slider on the side, so that it will work with all of the google cardboard apps.
So really the idea is a VR headset for everyone.
WHAT YOU DO WITH IT This headset is me…