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More people are interested in me. Yay!

So not to long ago I went to grind fest, a group a biohackers get together in the middle of the desert and do grinds on each other, its way fun to go if anyone is ever looking for some DIY surgery. Now True life, the MTV show followed me there. They are doing an episode on 3 biohackers lives, and I am one of them :) To my surprise, at grind fest we got a lot of press, at one point I think the press out numbered to biohackers. So now I am going to be in a number of documentaries, a book, and a number of articles. Most of the docs and shows are not going to be out for a few more months sadly, but I will post them up once they are. I also just got off of an interview for yet another MTV show called "Owning it" I guess they have not put anything out yet, so I am guessing I will be one of the first episodes. It is an online show so the link will be available as soon as I have it. As of right now the only thin that is published is a article that I will post below.


A little bit more about me

So I noticed that on my blog thus far I have not said very many things about my self, it just looks like a lot of projects in a lot of different fields. So I thought I should sit down and make something that tells the world who I am.

Starting with the basic facts, I am a 20 year old guy who lives in Utah, and I work as a web developer as my day job. But I get a little bit crazier when it comes to what I do after work. I am a bio-hacker, and a 3D printer engineer. I also have interests in life automation, and virtual reality. This is an amazing time for idea people, but an idea doesn't make your life better, you have to actually make them real, and thats what I am doing.

So as a bio hacker I have all the standards that come with the title. I have 3 microchips implanted in a number of different places in my body. These chips help out with my every day life. I can unlock my phone by just tapping it to my hand, I can get access to my university resources by tapping my other hand, and …

m31 finger magnet rejection

A few months ago I had a m31 magnet implanted in my middle finger on my right hand. This was awesome and I had a lot of fun with it, feeling magnetic fiends is an amazing sense. But this post is going to be about the rejection.

In early July I had a magnet implanted. This magnet was a m31 from the magnet seamed to have heal very quickly and nice. It was perfect on the location and depth in my finger for a long time. Then probably a month ago it seamed to start to move around a little bit, and I could see a thin edge of a gold colored magnet just under my skin. I didn't think much of it, I just though it was close to the surface, and that was kind of awesome because I could pick up a lot of stuff that other peoples magnets couldn't.

This month I moved. I was picking up heavy boxes all day every day for like 4 days. It sucks, and I smashed my finger a number of times. But it ever seamed like it hit my magnet directly. After all of my moving was done I noticed…