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Atom adhesives bio proofing

So after some online looking around and talking to a few people I came across a two part epoxy that is supposed to be implant safe. This was crazy amazing to me because it means I don't have to do a parylene run of a few hundred things where I only need a few and not spend a thousand bucks on it.

So this stuff is pretty amazing, I thought it would be slightly flexible, but it turns out that it is very much the opposite. This stuff is rigid, like so rigid that it made my bone transducer stop working when I coated it in this stuff, and those things seems to work under some pretty tight pressures. So I have to find a way to get it to work with a bone transducer still, but I had the idea of making my own bio safe magnets! and while I'm at it I can do like 3 or 4 experiments at once. So my plan is to put these disk magnets (with a hole in the middle) in the side of my hand, This tests the coating, it tests strong magnets in the side of a hand, and I wanted to see how well my body w…

Stronger Joints

So the Dollo has been moving along slowly do to me trying to get back into school and a divorce and all kinds of stuff. But lately I have been trying to get back into it and instead of tackling the large issue of the Z axis moving smooth (does move just not perfectly smooth). I thought I would go for the issue of making things a little easier to print and stronger in the joints. This lead me to a joint that I have used before in wood working, kind of. I still have the 4 45deg bow ties that hold everything pretty solid, but I added an additional sliding dovetail. I replaced the 6-8 individual bow tie slots across the entire machine and did this instead, its kind of like extruded aluminum, but not. I can now print the corners with no support and the extensions are much stronger. So I now have 8 points of contact from section to section on the joints of the printer. Four joints that hold the parts butt ends together and 4 that prevent any kind flexing that was happening. This new design …