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transdermal power lines

I just had an idea about my bluetooth audio implant. What if I wanted 2 of them to hear positional audio (mainly for VR was my initial idea). and then had the realization that this would suck for sleeping. because I would need to charge 2 things and have 2 charger. I also don't want huge batteries in my head because of the bulk. But what if I took the power lines from other implants and wired them into a single battery in my chest. This battery could be much larger, as it wont look so crazy being a bulk right over the side of my chest. This makes it so I can use only one charger and have my body be more of a power grid system, with a single point of making power that branches out into modular nodes.

This would help with a lot of things, if I ever wanted to replace the battery with something better I would only have to change one battery, not multiple. Plus I would be taking away a lot of bulk from all of my implants, meaning my audio implants would only need to be 2mm thick becaus…

M51 magnet implant

Video WARNING: this video is very graphic, has some blood, and magnets going in and out of the skin. Prep For the prep on this magnet I used my normal FDA-2T coating on the magnet. This is a N52 5mm by 1mm magnet that I got online, this is nickel coated, but this helped in this case because the magnet could go threw a nickel test and the clear coating could let us see the real results under the coating its self.

For the finger we washed up and I had him put on medical gloves (I use actual surgeon gloves so they are really clean and ready for this kind of a process) I then used a 3rd glove and put off the wrist part to use as a clean rubber band for cutting the flow of blood to his finger. Then I had him hold his finger in VERY cold (below 0C) Isopropyl alcohol for about a minute. This numbed him up pretty good. Action I used a larger blade than my normal #15 one, I used a #10 blade on this one because its the same width as the magnet. This was a pain because fingers are not very big,…