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All of the projects on my computer and what they are for! (no editing)

These are all of the projects on my computer as of right now! It has everything from Dollo to magnets, to implants, it has just about everything I've worked on as weekend projects for like the last year. I hope you find it interesting and if you want any more information about the different projects in here let me know :) feel free to steal any of the ideas or files, as long as you give attribution. Go make a company out of one of them or something I don't care!

Rounded corners in openScad

Someone on one of my youtube videos asked me "how to make rounded corners in openScad" and I thought my reply was helpful, so here it is!

If you want to make a square with rounded corners you'd have to make your own round_corner function. like this
module round_square(x,y,z,r){ hull(){ translate([r/2,r/2,0]) cylinder(h=z,d=r); translate([-(r/2)+x,r/2,0]) cylinder(h=z,d=r); translate([(r/2),-(r/2)+y,0]) cylinder(h=z,d=r); translate([(r/2)+x,(r/2)+y,0]) cylinder(h=z,d=r); } } round_square(20,20,20,5); If you wanted to make it in all of the directions for a cube you would do it like this module round_cube(x,y,z,r){ hull(){ translate([r/2,r/2,r/2]) sphere(d=r); translate([-(r/2)+x,r/2,r/2]) sphere(d=r); translate([(r/2),-(r/2)+y,r/2]) sphere(d=r); translate([(r/2)+(r/2)+y,r/2]) sphere(d=r); translate([r/2,r/2,-(r/2)+z]) sphere(d=r); translate([(r/2)+x,r/2,(r/2)+z]) sphere(d=r); translate([(r/2),(r/2)+y,(r/2)+z]) sphere(d=r); translate([(r/2)+x…